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Here are some of my large-polyp NPS corals (pictures taken in the dark with flash):

Here's my yellow and orange-polyp Tubastrea. I bought the Tubastrea colony in pretty bad shape and have been working on fattening them up with daily spot feedings of mysid, enriched brine shrimp, reef plankton, and marine flake food. In a few weeks, they've already started to show significant improvement. Also in the picture, to the left of the Tubastrea colony, is my Balanophyllia sp., at least that was what it was sold to me as. It has also gotten pretty fat since I've purchased it. It only opens at night.

Here's another colony of Tubastrea that was purchased at the same time as the other colony, both in poor shape originally.

This is my current prized piece: my five-headed Dendrophyllia colony. This thing eats like a total pig and is pretty much fully extended all day.

This is not in the family dendrophyllidae, but it is a large-polyp NPS: my huge pseudocorynactis. I call it Audrey II, ala Little Shop of Horrors, because it has that funny puckered look to it and is practically a man eater in the way it eats. I've accidentally touched its tentacles a couple of times and it sticks to my hand pretty strongly - seems pretty intent on eating my finger.

Some bird's-eye pictures:

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