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Here is the plan for the tank room, and why it's different than many setups.

The room will be positioned OUTSIDE of the foundation of the house, on a separate slab, similar to (and parallel to) the garage. But, you'll be able to walk from one room to the other as if they were connected and part of the same house. If there are any tank leaks, they will be caught be a trench/channel drain that divides the Fish Room from the Morning Room. So, no damage will come to the house, even if the glass cracks. [Ignore some of my markups, I'm still waiting on final architect drawings.]

  • The display can stay on the main level for maximum viewing, while still having a basement for the house
  • Keeping it separate from the house mitigates damage risk from any potential leaks
  • Concrete slab eliminates weight concerns for display, holding tanks, etc. -- lots of water!

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