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I bought some 1/4" saltwater feeder shrimp from and put them in a 20g Long tank with an airstone andheater. I've been feeding them flake and they seem to be doing well.

I wouldn't mind ordering more of the sw feeder shrimp from liveaquaria, but if I can eventually get a population going that would be great. I'm hesitating to put them in my 100gal DSB + LR + chaeto refugium because I'm afraid they will decimate the pod population etc., but in the fuge I might actually be able to get a population going? I also have two fairly big serpent stars in the fuge that might prey on them. Anyone have any info on these thoughts?

The sw feeder shrimp are pretty neat. I've only fed a few to my frogfish so far, but I think they helped gear him up to finally eat a 1/4 of a piece of thawed krill (the head and alittle of the body) dabbed in selco. He took the thawed krill and kept it down, coughing a little cloud a selco a few times. He had been taking slices of krill off the stick prior to this, but spitting them out.

I also have a bucket of fw guppies going that are breeding. I've fed the frogfish a few of them as well, live but skewered on the feeding stick's fishing line. I haven't bothered trying to acclimate them to saltwater as they don't last long on the stick ;-)

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