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Originally posted by gasman059
I'm always very skeptical when some of us reefers post skimmer pics for comparison. there's no doubt that we are all talking about a cylindrical piece of acrylic that emits bubbles but
comparing skimmate over 3 days and posting pics is far from real in fact is just simply inadequate.

Its hard for me to believe big companies that spend tons of $$ in R&D can get this wrong and some small one-2 man operations can get it better with little or no experience.

Not much to buildig a skimmer in fact pretty much everything can skim. But the CS and quality of materials as well as durability and so forth makes the difference IMHO.

Buying a skimmer is like buying a car some people like the latest greatest new convertible with all the new kinks and problems, some others like their old truck that has all of them problems worked out and does what it is supposed to.

Over the years I've found many designs that do what they are supposed to and really like DD's as well as becketts, then needlewheels becasme the fab....

Recently installed a mini BK200 and it does what its supposed to do. is it better than any of my old DD's maybe maybe not, is much more effieicent and trouble free. Does it produce more skimmate over 3 days head to head the answer is I can make any skimmer look better than any other by fine tuning it LOLOLOL.

After the fab comes and goes ( example Spazz volcanoes and many many others over the years) guys and companies like GEO/deltec/BK/Tunze/ and many others will always be around to continue their R&D( reseacrh and development) and provide customer service and great quaility products.

just my 2 cents.
I do understand your point And respect your personal opinions. The reason i do this like post pics, is to share with others my experiences with equipment and by saying that the I-tech is better than the BK that's how i feel, I'm not trying to convince people it is, hard to believe that a $200 skimmer is better than $1000 skimmer.

Well I'm not afraid to say it, that my $200 skimmer has performed better than my $300, $575, $640, $1050 Skimmers..



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