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Originally posted by leonel04
I do understand your point And respect your personal opinions. The reason i do this like post pics, is to share with others my experiences with equipment and by saying that the I-tech is better than the BK that's how i feel, I'm not trying to convince people it is, hard to believe that a $200 skimmer is better than $1000 skimmer.

Well I'm not afraid to say it, that my $200 skimmer has performed better than my $300, $575, $640, $1050 Skimmers..


You have to admit though, it is a bit hard to understand how a cone skimmer with just a sedra 3500 can outperform say, your Octo-Pro with the Askoll pump running on it... Or the BK180 for that matter. There may be other factors involved that had your I-tech skimming before the BK180 had a shot.

I'm all for the progress and competition of products in this hobby because god knows just how expensive it is for some of the equipment we buy for our reef tanks... But I want to be sure we're dealing with a fair deck before passing judgement just yet. I know you can only comment on what you've experienced, but I'm still on for the ride with my finger on a tight trigger.

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