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Originally Posted by chiefifd View Post
Give it a try, then you'll know if it works or not. You shouldn't need but a few PVC elbows and plastic tubing to achieve what you're trying to do.
Let us know if it works or what issues you ran into that prevented it from working.
Looking forward to a report.
Take care friend......
I will see. I have big plans but small space , I am trying all these tweaks only because I bought something a complete setup and after all the DIY and readings and so. I regret it now and wished if I built my own cabinet and ordered a custom built tank but anyway. Now my idea is to dump my 2nd sump that I bought 2nd hand and sell it and buy new one custom built so it will fit all, Still would try taking the skimmer outlet to the refuge baffle and I will report back how it will go.

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