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Originally Posted by slief View Post
What is your fish load? Sounds like itís very light relative to the skimmer size. These skimmers are very conservatively rated and with a light load, itís tough to maintain consistent skimming. Especially if you need to run it really wet. With the lighter load, the skimmer doesnít fill the column up with the same amount of foam that a heavier load would result in and as you are seeing, youíd need to raise the break line up above the bottom of the cup which will result in some water seepage between the cup and the body due to the Miniís weighted sealing of the collection cup. While itís not an issue having that little bit of seepage as it wonít impact the skimmers performance, you can add a bit of silicone grease between the cup and body to help create a better seal. Once the cup has some skimmate in it, that should further help with the seal when running the water level above the body. That should help some but increasing your fish load will help the skimmer perform better and make it easier to tune without having to run the break line so high.
Hi slief: thank you for your very descriptive response. You are right, my fish load is not too high. But with the same fish load my former skimmer, an old mini BK 200 was a beast producing any kind of skimmate, either a little of very dark one or a lot of a light one. That's why I'm surprised that a skimmer rated well below the mini BK 200 can not produce the same amount of skimmate.

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