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Originally Posted by chema View Post
Hi slief: thank you for your very descriptive response. You are right, my fish load is not too high. But with the same fish load my former skimmer, an old mini BK 200 was a beast producing any kind of skimmate, either a little of very dark one or a lot of a light one. That's why I'm surprised that a skimmer rated well below the mini BK 200 can not produce the same amount of skimmate.
You can run the 200 as wet as you want but they don’t/can’t perform consistently with a dry skim since the neck volume is huge compared to that of the 160. Also, if you run it wet with the water level above the body, it will have the same issue with seepage. The cup on the 200 is nearly twice as heavy so it’s less of a problem with seepage when the level is above the body but still will seep a bit. And the skimmer will only produce skimmate based on the amount of dissolved organics in your water. So it’s possible that while you have the same fish you had before, the water in the system may be cleaner. It’s something I’ve encountered countless times with people who add fleece filters to their system but other factors could impact the amount of dissolved organics in the water. If the seepage is a big concern, try some silicone grease like I suggested and place a small weight on the skimmer cup lid. That should help a bit too.

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