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I'll be the case study that says 58* is too cold. I've lost all of my fish, my clam, urchin and what looks like most or all of my SPS corals. I was relying on a 2KW generator that I've used off and on for years...until the pull start cord broke this year. The water is cloudy, so I can't give an accurate loss assessment. That said, the dead fish, coral and snails found that the edge of the tank let me know that any surviving coral is a bonus.

Boiling tank water and adding it will keep you tank warm, but once your livestock value exceeds $400-600, I'd say a generator is worth it. You can get a great invertor generator from Harbor Freight for that price. It'll run your tank essentials and a fan or space heater.

For those out of state, Oklahoma just got hit with a once-in-a-decade ice storm. 3-4hr power outages aren't uncommon from storms. 6-12hr outages aren't unheard of in some areas when the weather gets really bad. Much longer than that is definitely the exception

I was without power for about 36'ish hours....maybe 48. I'm luckier than many people near me. The 30 degree temps bottomed my house at 58 degrees, helped out by my natural gas fireplace.

Human factors aside, if you have a reef and the means to buy a small, emergency generator, I recommend it. A winter power loss will pay for the reef, plus keep a room warm with a space heater. Bigger generators aren't much more expensive than the smaller invertor generators, but they take up a lot more space.

This ice storm (and the broken pull-start cord) drove me to replace my 2KW inverter generator with a 10KW generator. Unfortunately, the generator would have likely paid for itself (definitely true for a smaller unit) if I had it before the storm.

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