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I waited until eyes clouded over. At this point the only livestock I have that I'm sure are still alive are 2 clowns, a coral banded shrimp, and some snails. I have confirmed and removed a bangai, chromis, and yellow tang. Haven't seen my dottyback or coral beauty since the outage. I also watched my prized leather melt before my eyes.

I am now at 7 days without power.

All the livestock in my small 20 gallon is gone.

The house got down to about 57 at the worst. Warming the water on the gas grill was a failure, it took almost 30 minutes to warm the water to 110 degrees and it just didn't make a difference. I was able to find a couple more milk jugs and floating 3 at a time and constantly swapping them got the tank temp up to 69. At that point the tang and cardinal were still alive but barely. Unfortunately it appears that that wasn't enough to save them.

At this point I'm very disheartened and considering selling off the equipment. I might keep the small 20 gallon tank and one of the kessils off the big tank to keep my clowns and shrimp. One of the clowns and shrimp have a lot of sentimental value to me.

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