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A generator relatively cheap in terms of the loss from an outage. You can snag a 2KW inverter generator from Harbor Freight for $500. This will run a fridge and your reef minimums (heat and flow) with no issue. Their 3KW inverter generator is around $700-800 and will handle even more. Both of these are pretty small and very quiet. If you go with a traditional generator with the same output you'll save money but pay in size and noise.

Don't be scared by the Harbor Freight name. Their Predator generators are better than their average tools. I've done a bunch of research on them and would have bought my big generator from HF if they had any in stock. I still might buy their 3KW invertor generator for my camper since it'll run the AC and other functions without issue.

Don't quit the hobby over a loss. It sucks, but you can rebuild. Only quit when it doesn't bring you joy or actually affects your finances.

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