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I actually found this on amazon. They kind of hide it because if you just search for wen inverter generator the one that shows up in the search is the closed frame model for twice the price.

A buddy here at work ordered one. We are messing around with it now. It's pretty impressive actually. Small enough to be easily portable and quiet enough you could put it on your back porch and not go nuts from the noise in the house.

I built myself a solar generator/battery pack. I had thought it would be sufficient to get me through. The issue I had is that I didn't take into account multi-day outages in freezing conditions. I was also counting on floating bottles of hot water or frozen water bottles to regulate temps. I didn't realize just how many bottles I would need and got caught without enough on hand. It takes 3-4 milk jugs of hot water changed every 15 minutes just to start raising the temp on the tank. Once the temp is close to 70 it can be maintained with 2 milk jugs changed every hour or two.

My dottyback came out of hiding last night, so that takes my mortality rate to 50%. It's still painful, but not quite as bad as I originally thought when I thought only a pair of clowns made it.

I'm still holding off on making a decision for a couple of weeks until the emotions recede some and I can think with a clear head. At this point I'm leaning towards taking down the big setup though and cannibalizing it for parts for a smaller simpler setup. My sump is a 40 breeder that I siliconed baffles into. I'm thinking I might take the baffles out and run that as my display for a while. I'm looking into AWC setups now because at least part of my issue is that I've been so busy lately my tank was suffering even before this. If I can simplify and automate it some more I think I might keep on.

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