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Originally Posted by Timfish View Post
Don't be too quick to toss a fish if it's not moving. Fish are ectotherms, theier systems just slow down as their body temperature drops. I've seen fish in cold water have a almost undecetable resperation rate so take a minute and look close for a minute or two. Heed the above warnings about warming them up too fast.
I agree with this. My chiller thermostat stuck on once and took my tank temperature down to 49F. The fish were all swirling lifelessly on the sandbed. I took the chiller slowly offline and heated the tank slowly. Of my 7 fish, the firefish, clownfish and 2 cardinal fish all revived. Surprisingly the chromis and damsels all perished. I did not lose a single coral however, not even my crocea clam.

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life, ...and God sawthat it was good. Genesis 1:20 - 21

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