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Originally Posted by slief View Post
That doesn't look bad at all. Normally I would suggest starting at about 27 watts with this skimmer but since it's a bit oversized for your setup, I'd say you are doing pretty well where you are.

Give it a few more days as it's not yet completely broken in. Once it's broken in, you could try slowing the pump down a bit in 1 watt increments. That will increase the contact time which will darken the skimmate up. It will also slow the skim production down. If you do slow the pump down, drain the collection cup so you can see the results. You will have to find a balance between darker skimmate and consistency. Should you decide to slow the pump down, give it several hours to settle in or 24 hours to see what it produces. You will likely need to close the wedge pipe a bit to maintain consistency.
Sorry Scott, I know you've mentioned this before, but can you define what the following actions/functions below do?

Increase watts/percentage = ???
Decrease watts/percentage = ???

Body (Wedge pipe)
open = ???
close = ???

Is the wedge pipe just to raise the water level of the skimmer? How would I decide between increasing/decreasing the wattage vs. opening/closing the wedge pipe?

How do I "wet skim"? (settings, etc.)

How do I "dry skim"?

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