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Very well summarized,Junkai!
I could only add that benthic adults and nauplii harp.are negative phototropic (run away from the light and congregate in dark places) while pelagic calanoids are the opposite.
There has been some limited use of harps in larviculture however;
Tisbe holothuriae has pelagic phototropic nauplii,and Euterpina acutifrons has pelagic adults and nauplii.This last species has proven to be easy to culture and extremely productive,as has been shown by Hawaiian researchers.Use of them has not prevailed,however,perhaps because they are not very appealing to larval fish.
There has been a bunch of papers on calanoid culturing in the last ten years (Klein Breteler,Stottrup and others).Nothing especially difficult,they thrive on phyto.Only that as productivity is lower,they need larger volumes of culture to obtain the desired amount of nauplii.

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