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I have a few questions and comments, and please don't take some of them as an attack. I am trying to learn and critique...

1. Why is the area underneath your scrubber so filthy? The pump area and tank are free of algae, but the scrubber area looks like a cess pool. Is this from algae breaking off? Is this normal?

2. You write-up was awesome, but I think your price is a little misleading. I started my ATS 2 days ago. By the time I bought 2 26 W CFLs, 2 reflectors, a timer, PVC fittings, PVC pipe, tubing, screen, and a MaxiJet 1200, my total was between $75-80.

3. You might want to be more specific about the "canvas". I got mine at Hobby Lobby. It came in different sizes. I bought a 10.5"x13.5" piece for $0.49.

Again, I applaud your contributions to the forum. Please dont take my comments as a slam!

I started mine 2 days ago and have ZERO green on my screen. By the rules, I should be fine, but please critique mine in case I missed something:

40 BR, ATS lit on ONE side, so I did 8" W x 12" long = 96 squareinches
2 26W CFLs in a dome reflector, 4-5" from surface = 52 W
Powered by a MaxiJet 1200 = 296 GPH
Pump non-stop, light 18 hrs on, 6 off.

220 in-wall reef, 10 clown pairs, 4 fry tanks, 18 grow-out tanks

Current Tank Info: 220 in-wall reef, clownfish breeding/growout system, 20L coral QT and 29 fish QT
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