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T5HO ATS Part 1

This is my ATS build, based on about 4 months of research and design, and it is the 2nd generation that I'm running on the tank.

It is built out of 1/4" acrylic and is 2 parts, a frame and an enclosed screen box.

The outer frame spans the sump, supports the inner box, provides mounting suppport for the lights, and shields the sump from excess light (although not perfectly).

The inner box that encloses the ATS screen, which protects the lamps from spray and allows the box to fill up with water as the algae grows, promoting 3-D growth.

Here it is in action:

This is of course a more costly build, but the results are phenomenal. It would take some time to break it down, but I can give you a quick estimate:

Acrylic Material: $20-30
Acrylic manufacturing: if you know what you're doing, it only take a few hours from first cut to last joint weld. To have someone make one for you could run several hundred $.
Sunlight Supply TEK-II Reflectors & Clips: $25 x 4 = $100
T5HO Waterproof End caps and standoffs: $15/pair x 4 - $60
Fulham Workhorse 5 Ballast: $27
T5HO Grow Lamps: $4/each x 4 = $16
Heat sink made from aluminum angle purchased at Home Depot: $25
PVC piping: $30
Filter Screen and nylon nuts & bolts: $20
Misc parts (wire, wirenuts, electrical tape, silicone): $20

Total material cost: about $320 + cost to manufacture ATS box

Next couple posts will showcase the results...

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