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Ok. I have been following all of these threads lately and it does spark my interest.

Honestly I don't care how I get the water clean: ATS and carbon bag vs. skimmer and bag, I just want it to work. I think along the lines of tools in a work bench. All can be used for the right job at the right time.

Also I want to look at my tank not care for it if that makes sense.

I am setting up a 37 gallon FOWLR DT and a 20 gallon high sump.

Putting it at 50 gallons total I will need:

lighting: 2 x 23 CFL in metal reflectors (have)
screen: 50 sq. in. double side lit or 100 sq. in. single side (would have to add more lights correct?).
not sure since I am in the sump design phase right now.
flow: will probably T off my overflow pipe and adjust with a valve or could do a second pump like above though gravity = no cost.

Has anyone split a ATS into two parts single sided so that there is at least one part lit 24/7 like cheato.

Such as midnight on 4 pm off for one
4 pm on 8 am off for the second.

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