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Originally Posted by Gamepro_inc View Post
Thanks for the info. This may be a stupid question but for those of us with all in one tanks and no sump to speak of (just a cramped back chamber) is there a way to implement an alternative ATS design.
Not a stupid question at all. The original dump-style scrubbers were top-of-tank.

For nano scrubbers, SM did design one using a specific type of CFL lamp.

You can also implement a top-of-tank acrylic box scrubber that would be about 24" long, 6" tall, and 6" wide with lights. You would run the pump directly from the tank into the screen tube, and the output would just dump out into the top of the tank.

This design is actually the preferred method if you want to acheive massive Pod growth, since the pods live on the screen and would get washed into the tank without having to go through the pump.

The downside is the ATS competes for space needed by DT lighting.

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