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Component 1+,2+, and 3+ questions

Hello, I recently switched to this from dosing regular brs pharma pouches. I started dosing component 1+ and 2+ To replace calcium and kh. I am making final adjustments and it seems to be going well. I checked my magnesium in my tank and it is 1380. Therefore, I am not dosing component 3+ to replace magnesium. The directions are sorta vague but from what I understand I should be dosing my magnesium at the same rate As alk and cal? I have dosed mag in the past but not very often.

My tank is mixed reef sps dominant. 130 gallon total water volume.

Alk = 7.5
Cal = 415
Mag = 1380
Nitrate = 10
Phosphate = .07

Any advice is greatly appreciated!



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