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Disaster strikes !

Well, after all the difficulties I have had since setting up my 60 gallon fish-only, a catastrophe has befallen me..... Last night, I went into the den where the tank is located, and OMG ! The water was so murky you couldn't even see the background, and there were pale colored things being blown all about the tank by the powerheads. Then, when I spied a washcloth lying on the bottom of the tank, I began to realize what had happened - my autistic son had thrown a bowl of potato chips and who knows what else into the tank ! After a brief quandary as to what to do first, I got out the Python vacuum, removed the artificial reef decorations, and commenced to draining the tank down to just a few inches of water. I discovered that at least some of the fish were still alive (I had two Damsels, two Maroon clowns, a ruby-finned Fairy Wrasse and a Coral Beauty), so I proceeded make up some water in a five gallon bucket, and netting the fish out of the tank. I was able to save the Damsels, Maroon Clowns and Wrasse, but my treasured Coral Beauty was missing - I later found him dead on one of the reef decorations. By that time, it was 3:00 in the morning, and reeling from fatigue, I hit the hay and commenced to dreaming about fish. Now the five remaining fish are swimming around in the bucket, and I will have to carry them back to my LFS as the entire system must be cleaned and set up new all over again (the tank will cycle after setup so the fish would not survive it). Now it's time to finish draining the tank and clean up the mess !

Oh..... Fishy Fishy Fishy FISH !

Current Tank Info: 60 Gallon Fish-Only With Dry Rock, Filtration: Aquamaxx HOB Filter/Skimmer & Aqua-Tech 30-60 300 GPH HOB Motor Filter, Livestock: Coral Beauty and Maroon Clown
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