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The activated carbon in your aquarium

Today we want to talk about activated carbon, fundamental in every marine aquarium and useful in every freshwater aquarium.

The activated carbon is a basic product for every marine aquarium because it removes the secretions of corals. The activated carbon helps to make the water nice and clear and consequently it helps the penetration of the light, bringing benefits for every biosystem. It should be always used in sump, and it should be changed once every month. The activated carbon doesnít have any contraindications unless itís made of poor quality materials or the instructions are not followed. The activated carbon is already an absorbent material on his own, so it doesnít need any dedicated filter.

The activated carbon is essential in every freshwater aquarium after a medical treatment. It should be used in aquariums without plants or if you just want to have a perfectly clear and trasparent water. It can also be used in small aquariums to have a complete chemical filtration.

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