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Originally Posted by Angel85 View Post
I am resurecting this post! I was looking to see how long clownfish lifespan is. It is very interesting this one has lived so long! It' s a good reminder that not only are we "hobbyists" but responsible for the lives we choose to put in our care.
There is/was a local maroon that was said to be 30+ years old. It was said to be one of the original breeders for C-Quest. I can't be sure how accurate the claim is because C-Quest is only 24 years old, and they started with ocellaris/percula. The fish did look very very old though. The last time I was in the shop where it lived, the fish wasn't there. The owner wasn't there either, so I couldn't check on the status of the fish.

Just FYI. Claim of 33 year old percula.

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