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Originally Posted by Mickey13 View Post
do you have any evidence or experience that nsw will crash a tank? im not a marine biologist, so i can only go off of what other people say or what i read. everything ive read so far indicates that its OK to use. fed and state epa have not issued any warnings locally and the water is monitored very closely around here. further we have an abundance of wildlife and fish in our waters. i think im going to give it a shot and see what its about. my test kits say its ok, bit low in calc and kh.

Yes I tried it and the tank ended up with a lot of strange hitch hikers in the tank about a year later. I did not filter the water but it was from the open ocean gathered by a friends boat and the water was pristine. Another friend of mine who installs and services tanks in Florida said he tried it as a money saving tool and it ended up crashing several tanks. Your talking about water from NJ? I would imagine that there are a lot of chemicals and other not so good stuff in that water. Maybe if I lived in Fiji I would have no hesitation about using the water.
Read this:

Yes there are a lot of good reasons not to use NSW unless your in some pristine part of the world.

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