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duhfactor: I let the cement cure overnight just to be in the safeside. It holds on it's own or other objects or clamps to hold them together.

lux_o6: The Octopus was an accident but definitely was amazing, I learned a lot more caring for that remarkable species. They require lot of more care and attention though, I don't think I would buy another one unless again with my luck another hitchhiker.

Mallyk: Thanks.

999sterling: No problem with PH at all, there's a lot of water in that tank (270 gallons) there was not a lot of cement used, PH is at 8.2. It's just saltwater and rocks at the moment cycling before I place the 360 lbs. sand which is also cycling in the vat for 4 months now. I do 25 gallons water changes within a week, plus I replace saltwater from the sump that has my liverocks and corals. I'm really just taking my time and not rushing it at all. Once the water parameters are equal with the sump and the DT, then i'll be moving all the livestock from the sump to the DT bit at a time.

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