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Good read on the importance of tripods. With regards to all the various equipment you might want for photography when it comes to accessories I consider my tripods to be second most important, with filters ranking at the top. Meaning I never leave home without my filters, my tripods (yes plural) I may/may not carry with me.

I see lately people discussing is a pods maximum load capacity and weight. I think when looking to buy, it's critically important to buy with an eye to the future. If you start acquiring more and or better lenses and bodies, your tripod and head need to be able to accommodate that. That manfrotto you bought 3 years ago that did the job for your rebel and 70-300, suddenly won't hold your new 5D and 70-200 f2.8.

Another consideration is the weight of the pod/head. If your like me, the weight you lug around on any given day becomes a priority. It's nothing for me, most days I'm out shooting to be carrying 30 to 40 pounds of camera gear and that before the pod. If Im on assignment and Im loaded for bear, that easily jumps to 60-70 pounds. Any ounce I can save I will. Good Carbon Fibre pods are a god send.

Spend where you have to, save where you can.
Regardless of your budget, get the best pod you can. Do you "need" an $800 Gitzo Carbon?
No. But get the best you can, because it allows for growth amongst other things. Maybe you don't own any 4pound or 8 pound bricks (lenses) but one day you might and if your pod can't hold it (not talking collapse, but vibrations) and if your head can't handle it (creep), you 'will' be upgrading something you didn't to.

Alternatives in a pinch. Worth owning imo.
Gorilla pods are handy. I picked one up as an light weight in a pinch pod. The heavier model can hold my Gimbal head (4 pounds) + 1D (4pds) + 800mm (10pds). They fit easily in almost any pack/bag and can be exploited when weight and bulk are issues (travel), day hikes, bike rides...Plus due to their nature they make fantastic pods for Macro photography.

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