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I've looked at those as well Jesse.
As much as I agree that a good pod is important, there are times when it's simply not feasible to carry my Gitzo due to weight restrictions, or bulk. So I am always looking at alternatives that while not as stable as my gitzo, they can be packed and carried easily.
Canoe trips, kayaking, when fly fishing/wading rivers, bushwhacking, bike riding etc.

I went with the heavy Gorilla Pod, if my memory serves me right it's rated for 12kg. I didn't believe it until I mounted 18 pounds on it, and let it sit for an hour and the articulated legs held (after careful positioning). Then I mounted my 180 macro and flash bracket sand with the flash out and over its very front heavy, and started twisting the legs around anything I could find..Chair legs, limbs etc. Again it took some positioning (my macro rig is close to 10pds) but not due to the legs creeping, but rather needing to counter balance the lens and flash heads against the body so the entire unit (pod/body/lens) wouldn't spin on an axis.

Ive also found that the Gorilla pods come in handy when I'm out in the bush and need flash/light stands for remote triggering. I can attach the Gorilla to a branch, post, or sit it on a rock/ground and have my flashes fire remotely. Basically a very good "in a pinch" pod and compliment to my heavier pods/gear.

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