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As a general rule, politics are pretty ambiguous when it comes to the environment.....both parties claim to have the "interests of the planet" at heart, but when they start proposing clear cutting of national forests, drilling for oil in the Gulf of Mexico (spelled too darned close this time......they've already screwed up the Everglades, probably beyond repair, a major nursery area for most of the Gulf's fish species, plus all the water diverted for the sugar industry is playing a major part in our red tide epidemics, something one has to see or smell to truly appreciate) I do tend to bet a bit testy.

Politics is politics and BOTH sides are out for the major benefactors and appropriate industries, no matter how much they claim to support the common man, and complaining doesn't mean I'm not fully cognizent of how much better it is hee than most other locale in the world.....anyone who has been to a 3rd world country and doesn't realize how good we really have it is beyond hope.


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