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Thanks for the advice. I'm a very out-going and friendly guy, but when it comes to certain things, many people would call me a perfectionist. So no, I don't think it's anal to suggest that.

As a college student, however, I have to see what I can afford and what's most cost effective relative to its benefits. From what this Phyto-Feast Live product has in it, its concentrations as well as its price, it would seem ideal by far.

As an aside, have you cultivated copepods yourself and if so, what strains were they and what types of phytoplankton did you feed them?


Current Tank Info: 25gal SW tank w/ 70+ lbs of LR, 30 lbs LS, cleaner crew. 10gal sump/fuge, return utilizing SCWD. Closed loop utilizing SCWD. **Four-line Wrasse, Psychedelic Mandarin, Green Star Polyps, various 'shrooms and zos and an Australian Sea Apple** ^_^x
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