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they are eating small amounts now and we are having some small poops. The side doesn't look better or worse. The Furan isn't here yet. But I am treating. They are being more active and occasionally they are eating frozen mysid. I stopped the brine but still have live grass shrimp in there. I'll probably add some more brine tonight just to make sure they are eating enough. The female seems to just love the brine and she is not so thrilled with the frozen. Both are a little more mobile/energetic so I'm hopeful. I"m using Melaleuca which I have used in the past with great results so hopefully that will help. When the Furan arrives if they aren't doing better I'll switch to Furan. I usually don't have sick fish so I don't keep Furan on hand. I ordered a second one though to keep on hand for the future.

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