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Originally Posted by Gonodactylus View Post
No, it depends on the size and shape of the eye and the size and orientation of the ommatidia. You may have assumed this because many spearers have bilobed, elongated eyes which should give better parallax, but some spearers such as P. ciliata don't have bilobed eyes and some smashers do.

I am not one to dispute anything you put forward.

Having said that nearly everything that I provide on here (minus my own pics / vids) is just something you have told me/us on here before, I do not have a photographic memory so lots of it is "I recall reading" which doesn't exactly equate to an exact answer....

I have never known "exactly" what species has greater vision in others all I know is what has been already once stated.....I cannot recall the threads name or the reason to the thread but I do distinctly (for some reason) remember you telling (us/me) that O.scy has some of the worst eye site (doesn't mean its actually bad/blind... I mean the worst eye site for a stomatopod still far exceeds our own) but in direct comparison to other stomatopods.

Also recall you saying once (either to me directly in a PM or in a thread) that spearers posses the best depth perception out of the 2 sub species mostly for the sake of there raptorial appendages.

beyond those 2 things I can't remember much about eyes directly....

Hence why I am confused o_O maybe I need to brush up on the eyes a bit...

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