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"Mantis shrimp also do not eat corals, nor will they damage them. The only exception is if the coral is not anchored down to a rock. The mantis will usually move the coral to block its burrow entrance, only it will be the wrong side up. So your corals are safe."

Forgive my saltwater inexperience, but I take it from this quote that corals are relatively safe with Mantis Shrimp, provided they are secured? I'm asking because I would like to keep a Peacock Shrimp, but wasn't sure if keeping corals with them was viable. Of course, I'd love to keep a lot of things eventually, but something about the Peacock makes me want to start there. I'm new to the forum, so I'm not sure if there's much info on keeping corals with a mantis, other then I've seen lots of threads like this one on how to get them out of the aquarium rather than keep them in one.

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