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I think thats pretty species dependent when it comes to hunting sleeping fish, or perhaps more an opportunistic behavior. I kept fish with my ternatensis and not a single one died in the few years I had him.

Now my CUC crew, that was another matter lolol. I just kept my choices of snails and hermits restocked and highly varied in size and species to figure out which stuff he preferred over others so I knew what to buy more of to actually function as CUC and what to buy that was just a longer lived mid-day snack. haha.

My Ternatensis even when full grown never killed a Turbo snail. He popped one a few times but gave up really fast on it. He would dESTROY hermit crabs and any other crab I put in. Absolutely loved them. Smaller snails like trochus and astrea lasted longer but eventually would become a snack. I can't say he never killed a nassarius but I had quite a few and easily could have missed a few getting killed.

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