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Bumble Bee Mantis in trouble?

Thank you all in advance for any advice you may have for me. My marine biologist son suggested I reach out to the experts here.

I have a bumble bee mantis that has happily lived in a 15 gallon tank for the past 7 years with a HOB filter and heat. The tank is half filled with sand and he has burrowed. I change as much water as I can once a month and feed him a silverside once a week which seems to keep him happy. That said I am sure the tunnels have become toxic over time. Recently he started acting oddly to the point where I thought he was suffocating in a tunnel that was visible through the glass. He caused some tunnels to collapse around him so now has retreated to the surface after I opened up an escape for him and is living in a hollow in the sand. The tunnels have all seemed to collapse so he has nowhere to go and I won't be able to clean properly without disrupting him too much let alone me getting stabbed! My question is this- I run a 200 gallon reef system with a 45 gallon bare bottom sump in my basement. I was wondering if I should try to capture him and put him in there? Will he be ok without sand or will it stress him out and kill him? There is nothing in the sump. My other alternative is to capture him and dump the contents (yuck) of the tank and start him over with fresh sand? Either way its going to be disruptive to him but I want to do whats best. Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated.

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