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Originally posted by roblack
While I get upset with the local homeless and fishermen on the beach, the problem is much bigger than the local threat. So I pull the trash that I can out of the ocean all the while realizing that it probably doesn't matter much. Maybe I help out a sea turtle or 2, who knows? Happy to recycle some batteries!
If everyone thought that their little contribution made a difference, and everyone made that contribution, there would be no pollution.
If everyone thought their contribution wouldn't make a difference, and decided not to make that contribution, we'd be up to our ears in garbage.
The problem could be much, much worse than it is now, but it could also be a whole lot better. Every time you toss something into a trash can, rather than littering, you help. If you pick up someone else's trash, you help more. When somebody sees you pick up another person's trash, and gets inspired to do so themselves, you begin to change the world.

I wish there was a way to know that you were IN the good old days, before leaving them.
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