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Looking at the package for a 35g hex, maybe for a 75g rectangle if i get it in time. read a lot about your rocks, read they have a lot of amazing hitchhikers, some bad but mostly good. i have only one problem tho, i have only one good arm, and can't remove bad critters on my own, and nobody is willing to help, any way you could remove them before shipping the rocks. i am willing to pay extra!

sorry for double post!

also how much for package shipped to 46552?

10g, 6lbs LR, 2 Oscellaris clowns, 10 lbs. LS, cleaner shrimp, astrea snails, blue legged hermits.
35g hex, almost finished cycling, 4 lbs LR, 20lbs LS, 10lbs coral sand.

Current Tank Info: 10 gal for trapping bad hitchhikers, and quarantine.
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