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Originally posted by melsteve
As I work fulltime and will hopefully have a resonable number of clowns breeding For rotifers and phyto the way I thought of going was,
I was going to culture phyto in 20 litre bottles like the ones you see on water dispeners now these are flat bottomed is that to much of a problem.
I have 10 of these and the intention is too drip feed a 250 litre tub with the rotifers in it and remove around 15%to 20% each day and water change about 5%to10% every couple of days and also have a sponge filter in there and clean this every two days or so.
I figure that this type of set up should only take around 15 to 20 min each day .
I can do bigger water changes in nesesscary as I have a large supply of NSW.
Any comments thoughts appreciated.
Regards Steve
Hi Steve

Checkout this thread...

Basically I think a bunch of us have pretty much decided to give up growing phytoplankton and use a paste or concentrate instead. I am not sure if there is an equivalent product down under, but it really might be worth your time to find out.

Do you filter your NSW? If not you might have some contamination issues with your cultures.

Also, I would not try to do a continuous rotifer culture. It is easier, especially if you have free NSW to just do batch cultures.

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