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Originally Posted by ToLearn View Post
Ok, leave the sticky for the 1% of people that visit this forum who still have an AC3 and need help using it. But for the other 99%...

What are pretty much all of the active threads in this forum about? Answer: The APEX, APEX Lite, APEX Jr.

I'm sure that with the new user guide sticky and the other 99.9% of the threads, a new APEX/APEX Lite/APEX Jr. user can most likely find the answer they seek. If not they can post and get an answer since 99% of the people out there are using the APEX (I'm using your % for argument sake, I don't agree with it).

Surely this one sticky on the older products is not such a great inconvenience to you or the other 99% that you/they can't just glide on past it while seeking the answer to an APEX family related issue. I happen to own the APEX and 2 ACJr's, so I can appreciate both sides.


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