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Originally Posted by jdhuyvetter View Post
For anyone interested in collecting in Florida. I suggest you read the article below:

Get a license, know your limits, know your critters and collect properly (ie don't kill what you collect)
Wow good stuff! Thanks for posting that. Everyone wanting to collect in FL, please follow all the laws. They are very strict and the FWC does not play around. The consequences are very harsh.
You will not only save yourself but many critters in the ocean. They have laws on them for a reason. I get emails from the FWC constantly updating the laws so keep yourself updated. Once the restrictions have done its part in preserving fish or corals they put less restrictions, but with time of course.

It's sad to see what people do for money. The keys coral and fish population is not the same as it used to be when I was a kid snorkeling, back in the late 90's.
Right now I'm currently doing extensive research before I collect ANY type of marine aquarium fish and corals. First of all, by knowing the laws then identifying each and every fish and coral, correctly. Note, I've lived here (keys) all my life and I'm constantly in the ocean, and sometimes I still have trouble identifying, especially the little ones.

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