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Other then Biscayne Bay National park is there any diving spots there?

I have lived int Fort Lauderdale my whole life and also been in the keys as well. There is more abundant life in the keys and much denser but you have to go 3 to 5 miles out and most of it is protected and you can't even catch and keep anything. Where as in ft.lauderdale the reef is 100 yards off shore 15 feet deep and still have a large amount of life there. Depends on where you go to.

12 street north to Atlantic boulevard is mostly scattered reef (I don't like to dive here as much and I have no experience north of Atlantic). A little south of 12 st and a ways down there is built up reef but not much a shelf about 2 to 3 feet. Commercial boulevard has the best diving for about a half mile north and south. The reef is built up and has a average shelf height of about 5 to 6 feet, in some spots more because of coral heads. I heard (I don't have any experience) that the reef from about a mile south of Oakland to about sunrise is not as built up and is a lot farther than in many other local spots.

keep in mind I am talking about the first reef in all these cases. I do a lot of beach dives so I don't have much experience in the deeper parts of the reef.

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