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Yea there is. A lot more wrecks than reefs though... Here's a good link with different spots.

Like I previously stated, almost everything is 30ft and deeper. I heard about this pretty good reef though, 30ft called "Car frame reef" (listed on the website link), it's by Fowey Rocks. Which is in between, key Biscayne and Biscayne national park. I usually don't dive in Miami so I'm unfamiliar with the laws of coral and fish collecting in that particular region, but from looking at the maps it seems like its fine for collecting in that area because of how far out it seems to be and normally Miami is less restricted.

You are correct Frizzo, most of the keys is protected. And once it comes to collecting fish and corals you must abide to the similar rules enforced for spearfishing (I've asked many different professionals and that's what they've told me) . 3 Miles out from nearest land (usually a mangrove island) and out of any park, which is Southwest of the border line of Molasses Reef. But the further south you go the more you'll see that it's unprotected (marathon and further down), due to less reefs, but still can find some nice stuff... Good info on Ft. Lauderdale, I love those reefs that are right there off the beach. Pretty cool, maybe ill head over there one day.

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