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Coral Collecting- Florida

Originally Posted by accordsirh22 View Post
well so far, i have found quite a few royal starfish. all dead/dying from taking a beating in the surf i assume. i have found none of the colorful shore clams i expected i have found 1 striped hermit (100% not reef safe). and some turtle grass shoots. other than that, i have found squat. very disappointing to say the least

Where are you collecting at? And beach shores aren't really good places to collect most of the time.

Originally Posted by ganjero View Post
What about the Tampa area/Gulf Coast? is the gulf coast also a good place for scuba?

I'm not from that area but it should be decent. I have friends in that area that free/scuba dive. The good thing is that it's shallow for MANY (10) miles on the gulf coast. There's probably some decent wrecks here and there..
The bad part is that the water tends to be murky, even on a calm day (compared to Atlantic). So imagine on windy days, it's not even worth it.

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