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Don't you know everything you read on the internet is true? LOL

Originally Posted by figuerres View Post
I am always amused with the debates, the fear, the gossip and all that keep going round and round.

Richard; when I needed help moving my tank I hired a local "Aquarium Maint" crew as they had the pneumatic lifts and knew about moving and setting up tanks.... the company owner was as bad as the rest of the folks with "You will have problems like ...." and he lives here! I have always found it amazing how many folks are just afraid to even try out your rock, it's sad!
That is because of all the miss-information on the web about "live rock" 99.9% of what is written is about imported dead rock.......and all the issues that goes with that....

As I said...if my rock was available in quantity...and distributed the wholesalers..and shops...there would be a better understanding..of what REAL live rock harvested and shipped correctly is...and how easy it is to start a tank......

And to that end..happy to tell you I have another 20,000 pounds of Walts 2.1 rock on the way from Fiji...and will be putting it out on the aquaculture site in the coming months!

Richard TBS

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