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Polyculture vs. Monoculture of fish

Once I move, I'm planning on trying to breed banggais, firefish, and shrimp gobies. None of them seem like "egg eaters" (although they're more than free to go after larvae). I'm wondering if it's more practical for me to put them all in something like a 20L or 55, as opposed to separating them out into their own spaces, especially since they'll all be fed heavily, are peaceful, and have different breeding behaviors (firefish and shrimp gobies are cave spawners, banggais are mouth brooders). Cover would be plain PVC so I can easily grab the eggs out. This way, I can also not have to deal with as much plumbing. Are there any pros/cons that I'm missing, especially in regards to fecundity?

So many fish/corals/inverts to keep/breed, not enough aquaria

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