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Microfood culture: phytoplanktons, Rotifers, ciliates, Artemia, and copepods

Hello and thanks for stopping by
As part of The Breeders Net Series
I've tried to assemble a resource for home culture of microfood used by the home fish breeder.
Here are a few of the articles which I feel are useful.

Some very important background on fish reproduction-terminology-part1 & fish reproduction-part2 by Martin Moe.

Growing Phytoplanktons at home.
Describes useful phyto species, growth conditions, and non living alternatives.

-Rotifers and rotifer home cultures.
It also includes an indepth look at phytoplankton alternatives for rotifer enrichment.

-Home ciliate culture -by Martin Moe

-Brine Shrimp (Artemia)home culture .
Includes a section on nutritional enrichment, and decapsulation of brine shrimp eggs

- Copepods w/ author Dwayne Sapp
includes home culture, feeding, and photographs. A very Interesting read.

I'll update this thread as new enteries are added.

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