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Stages of Marine Aquarist experience with parasites

At the risk of offending (I have no intention of doing so, however) some folks, I have observed that aquarists go through different stages of awareness about marine parasites. As their embedded base of fish increases in value, so too does their sensitivity to infecting their prized fish friends.

Unconscious Incompetence
+ all tanks have ich, there is nothing one can do about that except feed garlic or ginger
+ I cannot afford to quarantine, I will just have to hope for the best and buy from good stores
+ I buy only from local fish stores (LFS) that will hold the fish for me for at least two weeks so I do not have to quarantine
+ I buy fish only from LFS that run copper in their system
+ I only get fish from reliable friends
+ I always fresh water dip all fish I purchase
+ I always drip acclimate every fish for two hours

Conscious Incompetence
+ I know that parasites exist but with proper feeding the immune system of fish will fight them off
+ When I purchase fish, I get them right out of the bag when the LFS gets them in to avoid additional stress for the fish but I drip acclimate for at least two hours
+ I buy fish only from LFS that run copper in their system

Unconscious Competence
+ I always quarantine for at least a month but do not treat fish unless I see something wrong

Conscious Competence
+ I always put all fish through tank transfer, follow up with a month of observation and treat twice with Prazipro
+ I know basic behaviors associated with fish parasites and know treatments available for each
+ I keep an arsenal of treatment options for parasites, flukes and bacterial issues
+ I quarantine anything wet added to my aquaria

Just my opinions from observations working in this forum for quite a while.

Warmest regards,
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