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DrChristianTroy: Can a colony of glass shrimps(as feeders) cause problems in the future???

EdKruzel: Problems? More than likely... No.
The positive factor is that they are great scavengers and will help to keep detritus and other waste to a minimum.


I have a population of 40+ saltwater feeder shrimp from liveaquaria in a 20g L.

I'm still wondering if anyone has thoughts on whether introducing the feeder shrimp into my 100g rubbermaid fuge would decimate the pod population? I also have concerns for the feeder shrimp regarding the two serpent stars.

It would be alot easier to keep the feeder shrimp in the fuge if it wasn't detrimental, and perhaps they could even breed in there.

The fuge has alot of pods and mysid shrimp crawling around. There are also plenty of bristleworms, a handful of large type nassarius snails, a handful of mexican turbos, and two serpent stars. It has a huge mass of chaeto and alot of LR, and a DSB.

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