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Lightbulb Aqamai

Aqamai is a new brand that will be presented at Hall 1, Booth 536 during Interzoo. The brand will be focused on the more advanced part of market.

The word Aqamai comes from hawaiian word Ah-kah-mai that means smart, clever, advanced. We will show you new products, a new advanced that will differentiate for study, performance and care, all the objects will have a common application to rule them all.

The app is built for Android and iOS. It will be extremely easy and fast to set and to utilize our new ecosystem, both at home and with mobile.

During fair we will present a new led lighting and a circulation pump, but the project is far bigger, come to visit us during Interzoo at Hall 1, Booth 536 to know more details.

We will include in the cluster of our lighting a series of LEDs of different colors: UV, Indigo, Royal Blue, Blue, White, Green, and two Red with different wavelengths. The spectrum will be close to 12,000 K.

The app will have a very easy and powerful scheme, that will permit to our customers to set the right colors in the cold and in the hot part of the spectrum.

We will present also a new circulation pump up to 4,500 l/h of flow rate, a DC pump with variable flow, controllable by the application we spoke earlier. It will have an extremely quiet and large flow, to better simulate the ocean currents.

The brand will be presented in the Hydor booth, hall 1 booth 536, from which it is born as a high-level stand-alone brand.

Aqamai - Hydor
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