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Originally Posted by ThePurple12 View Post
So what's the deal with Nannochloropsis? I have a culture of that going strong. I've heard it's not a good food for pods, but I never really heard why.
Mostly because it is not a motile microalgae. Many pods prefer motile algae and some like Parvocalanus only eat motile algae. For those pods that are omnivores or detrivores it doesn't matter and Nannocloropsis is a suitable food.
Another downside with Nannocloropsis is that it reproduces extremely fast and if the pods can't keep up eating it faster than it reproduces you may have a problem as well.
From a nutritional standpoint it may not be the best possible algae but it isn't bad either. After all, it is a decent component of algae pastes for feeding rotifers and pods that don't mind dead feeds.

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