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Originally Posted by taricha View Post

Has anyone tried using the Phycopure Copepod Blend as a starter for a phytoplankton culture? It's T-Iso and chaetoceros (diatom) - both of which are great foods for Parvocalanus. I know if you culture a blend, you aren't going to get a blend, but If either species grew - it'd be a good food for the parvo pods. I'll see what happens.
Update. Started with 1L flask, added ~100mL phycopure copepod blend out of fridge (let it warm first), to look light brown cloudy. After one week...

Not bad.
Under microscope it's unexpectedly still a blend of t-iso and chaetoceros. I'd estimate t-iso outnumbers the diatom cells 3 or 4 to 1.
And I think the original was closer to even split.
Good to have options.

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